Friday, May 18, 2012

Poem Published!

I received the news on the same day as the magazine:  my sonnet is being printed in the next issue of Renaissance Magazine.  Now I'm a real Bard, which is very cool.  I'm being sent an additional, complimentary copy (which I had forwarded as a little gift).  I'm rarely so happy with my poetry, but I am very happy with this one.

Thy Golden Strings
(a Shakespearean sonnet, by Anna Castiglioni)

Poor harp!  Unwanted, hidden out of sight,
Discarded by your minstrel, what disgrace,
Forgotten, lifeless in the dismal night,
In want of hand or breeze to thee embrace.
Thy chords hang strained and snapped about they crown;
The dust lies thick and dark upon thy breast.
Lost in mem'ry is thy great renown.
What clever bard could rouse thee from thy rest?
And yet, a voice still slumbers in thy heart!
Some linseed, cloth and gold shall thee renew.
Now, from thy darkling dreams thou shall depart,
And in this minstrel's loving hands sing true.
Thy soul shall ride the wind, be strong and free;
Thy golden strings shall ring in ecstasy!

© Anna Castiglioni, 2011

You can find my sonnet in Renaissance Magazine, #84, page 16, on newsstands now!