Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter is Here (song)

Winter is Here
by Anna Castiglioni, © 2011

Winter is here, at end of year.
with cold, and waning light.
And in the sky, the reindeer fly,
bringing winter cheer all night.

We used to take a trailer ride
out to the old fir grove,
and find the one that looked just right
to grace the hearth at home.
When twinkling in its raiment dressed,
so tall and looking grand,
the ornaments that I like best
are the ones we made by hand.

Making gifts, for all to know
how much I lo-ove you;
tie them up with a pretty bow
and write "from Me, to You".
On TV, the movie guide
shows Who-ville and the Grinch,
and Uncle Scrooge his greed defied,
three ghosts -- it was a cinch!

Singing songs around the fire
surrounded by its glow,
drinking cups of hot spiced wine
and mugs of hot cocoa.
Listen for the tiny bells
of reindeer and a sleigh
and hoofbeats on the roof to tell
that Santa's on his way!