Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I haven't been able to blog for over a week, because when I arrived home my computer was dead!  And my laptop is incredibly slow after just an hour of being on, so I gave up on it.  Now the hubby has rebuilt the entire desktop with tons of memory and working capacity, Thanks so much to him!  Lots to tell.

ACII costume is still a WIP, but is a little more complete each week.  I am starting a leatherworking class tomorrow at Tandy, and I can't wait!  I've wanted to learn leather for a loonnnngg time.  I was taught some basics a few years ago by a photographer/costumer friend, but he didn't teach me how to tool (carve).

I beat ACII and AC Brotherhood for the second time, so now I'm ready for AC Revelations coming this month.  Not sure how I feel about it though, since Ezio's not in Italy anymore but somewhere cold and snowy.  I haven't kept up with the news though to be sure....

Over this weekend I got to schmooze with some landscape architecture fellows, as the photographer's "assistant".  There were a lot of important people -- founders and board members -- in the landscape field at the event, including a professor at Texas A&M where I went to school.  One of my profs was also there, so it was nice to see him, he who taught me the basics of AutoCAD and Photoshop, and design.  He even remembered that I used to keep my harp under my desk and would take it out and play late at night in the studio.  He said I kept him sane in a group of largely insane people.  I also met the man I'm interviewing with on Friday.  Hopefully I will be able to impress upon him the importance of hiring me, haha.  Yesterday I did more schmoozing at the Convention, with landscape vendors.  It was a little tiring since I'm an introvert, but I hope it'll pay off.

Last night was Halloween, normally my favorite time of year for the costumes, treats, and merry-making.  However, this was the first Halloween in a very long time I didn't even wear a costume!  It felt very strange.  Actually, I spent it having some "craic"!  A voice lesson, dinner, gossip, and lots of music with some great friends in the Irish music community :)

One of them loaned me the first book in a series:  Game of Thrones.  I just started it, read the Prologue and I'm hooked.  I'm thoroughly convinced this is going to be every bit as intriguing and suspenseful as she said it is.  That, in my opinion, is what a really good author does.

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