Thursday, November 17, 2011

Home Improvements

Many long-needed home improvements are underway.  Recently we got the front yard curb appeal and replaced the old ratty roof.  Now we'll soon have energy-efficient windows in the front and a French door in the back.  Today began our closet makeover.

After nearly 5 years of the chaos and clutter, haphazard piles of clothes and not enough space, it was time for a change for the better.  I got a nice deal from the designer, $1000 less than the first estimate, including free removal of old and free installation, so I'm basically paying just for the material.  I feel good about this.  She was very personable and designed a custom closet for our needs.  AND, she's my neighbor, and wants me to do a landscape design for her!  It'll be done the week after Thanksgiving.

We still need to finish the kitchen.  (That was the first improvement to get started, and was never finished.)  Tiles and backsplash need to be completed, and the breakfast area needs to be done.  *Sigh*

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