Monday, October 3, 2011

Leather On!

Finally dug out my leather and found some good-looking scraps to make my Assassin armor with.  That and the Super Sculpy for the insignias.  This is gonna be challenging, which is why I've been putting it off, but at the same time it will be very gratifying to learn something new and add to my costuming repertoire!

I'll only be doing the basics for now:  pauldron, belt & pouches, bracer.  Then maybe later on try for some of the other armor:  chest plate, greeves, metal glove, boot buckles.

I watched another episode on the Medici's, this one about Lorenzo's son & nephew in the early 1500's after the popularity and splendor of Lorenzo.  Michaelangelo made "David" in betrayal of the family that took him in like a son, and it became Florence's symbol of the City.  Though he was not yet a painter, he was also appointed to paint La Capella Sistina, the Sistine Chapel ceiling, at which he was expected to fail.  He did not, of course; though he hated every moment of it.  The cousins each became Popes, there was civil war in Italy, and Pope Clement married off his niece Catherine to a French prince, so the influence of the Medici's spread to France.  I'm guessing the next and final episode will be about Catherine de Medici.

That's all for now.  On to crafting!

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